Raise your personal value awareness to victor level in all of your relationships. These three-part sessions are for stand-alone or in a complete half-day training session.

            1. Circumstances generate victims. How do you create mutual victories in all your relationships?
            1. Gratitude, start each day with a genuine interest in mutual successes in all of your relationships.
            1. Attitude, you will never again have a bad day when you let these guidance principles keep you attentive and focused in all of your relationships.


“Coach Joe” a certified Trainer and Coach facilitates workshops using leadership based on John C. Maxwell’s award winning books and authors selected by mutual agreement.

“Failing Forward” “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” -“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”  “The 5 Levels of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell.

“As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, “Awareness” by Anthony deMello. “The Power of Awareness” by Neville. “Perseverance” by Margret J. Wheatley, “Power vs Force” by David R. Hawkins, “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Dr Viktor Frankl, “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran


“These short interactive sessions energize me more than any training I’ve taken in a long time.”




The one thing you need most of all is the readiness to learn something new. The chances that you will wake up are in direct proportion to the amount of truth you can take without running away. How much of everything you’ve held dear are you ready to have shattered, without running away? How ready are you to think of something unfamiliar? The first reaction is one of fear. It’s not that we fear the unknown. You cannot fear something that you do not know. Nobody is afraid of the unknown. What you really fear is the loss of the known. That’s what you fear.       Anthony De Mello


“Know Thyself” first, then “Seek to understand rather than be understood.”

Learning how to improve relationships first with ourselves and then with others is the new way people are determining if they can achieve more in a team environment or on a company team. The big change is that it is no longer about ‘command and control’ authority without respect. In today’s business environment, it is about cultivating trusting, empathetic relationships that nurture rewards for strengths and opportunities people mutually exchange. I am a certified EQ member of EQ Associates with Dr. David Ryback and EQ Mentor/E Factor with Dr. Izzy Justice. Assessments, Scoring and SWOT analysis to maximize the benefits are integral parts of your EQ.


VISION          With Vision People Flourish                                Without Vision People Perish

Vision is the foundation for all People Successes.

All People sell something. All people want to be part of something great. All people are capable of effective leadership.

Whether you are a salesperson, team member or leader you must define and embrace your vision, your team’s vision and your leadership vision.

Our vision training can work for new people going through company orientation as well as for people wanting to refresh what they know innately. It assists people in recognizing their potential through a series of exercises that culminate in mutually trusting relationships and ultimately greater business fulfillment and rewards.

We educate ourselves to rise above our level of ignorance only to find when we arrive that we are more ignorant then we first thought.    Peter Drucker



Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Learn the most effective way to start the discovery process. Then discover the two most important parts of your initial investigation have exponential payoffs. Your resulting strategies and tactics will have their difficulties, but they will lead to adjustments for continuous improvements and greater achievements along the way.

When you meet the unprepared with preparation, you are victorious.       Robert Pino


“…grant that I may not so much seek to be understood as to understand”  St Francis

Great Communications provides the ability to understand others and elevate relationships to their highest level. This three part interactive seminar develops the key ingredients of Trust and Mutualism. To achieve great communications, you must understand and believe in the value of first extending trust. Once given it opens the doors to mutual and unexpected rewards in all relationships.

By Association, We Become


Facilitation Workshop

Elevate your knowledge about people interactions. Know what they want in meetings, training sessions and in great relationships. Communications is at the heart of all of our successes both personally and professionally. This half-day workshop will equip you with the necessary savvy for success.



This book is from my business experiences. It delivers three important characteristics for business development in the 21st Century. It includes personal journal entries from my real business life experiences. First, SALES – Vision, strategies, including the Power of Preview and Review tactics that confirm performances sales managers’ want. Second, TEAM -Starting with the classical pains of Forming and Storming that propel member to Great Team Performances. Third, LEADERSHIP -Great Members beget Great Teams. You will learn and understand how the Great Team Metamorphosis ascends to Mega-Metamorphosis. The Human Genius of leadership is in everyone of us. This breakthrough yields life-long connections with Great Team Members who keep and stay connected for the rest of their lives.

Great Leaders come from Great Teams”



If you want to work with someone who loves helping people reach higher levels of their potential, who listens to your desires to learn what is important to you, someone who will help you research yourself and your desires for what you believe will give you meaning to the life you want to live. Hire me. I want to work with you.

All workshops are available for custom development with companies who are seeking to work with an experienced consultant, designer, trainer and administrator. I have many certifications and years of experience. I am inspired from within and passionate about my commitment to assist people in becoming better and better in both their personal and business relationships.

There is a price to pay and there are payoffs. My price guaranty is that if I do not assist in raising your level of performance, there is no charge for my consulting, designing, training and administrative work. The payoff will be in knowing ways you may be able to improve personal performance by contributing value in all personal and business relationships.

Is your company capable of better performance? Contact Coach Joe for a free review of possibilities.

The trainer is told, “I’m not going to train my employees. They’ll just leave.”

The trainer asked, “What if you don’t? … And, they stay!  … What then?

*All training costs are based on; preview meetings of expectations, custom development, training delivery, review and administration. I offer all programs with a 100% guaranty. If at the end of any training, coaching or mentoring session, you are not completely satisfied, there will be no further obligation. Materials agreed on may require additional costs. Travel expenses added per agreement. I know you will love how these sessions benefit individuals in both their personal and professional lives.