TRUST, Who, How and Why give it today?

Wikipedia starts by stating, ‘In a social context, trust has several connotations.’Wikipedia is the best example of our ability to question the truth because descriptions and information in some instances can be all too easily altered. Correct or not correct, Information can also be easily misinterpreted because the author can be anyone correctly knowledgeable and well intentioned or someone not knowledgeable and not well intentioned.  So, If Trust has several connotations according to Wikipedia, to whom, how and why should you TRUST?

To whom do you give trust? To give trust to everyone is to act like a fool? The old adage, ‘Once burned, twice cautious’ applies here. Trust is a dangerous thing in the hands of the wrong person. So, why give Trust to someone? Simple, giving Trust has rewarding possibilities in the receiving hands of the right people. When giving Trust, it is first, the responsibility of the person giving trust to know the character of the receiver. Be selective and knowledgeable about the person you are extending trust.

How do you give Trust? Trust is intuitively personal and guarded yet has a heartfelt reward for most people. Why do you get that feeling? Trust is first extended by one person. That person gives it in the sincere belief that the receiver will be equally wanting of a trusting relationship. The foundation of the relationship is based on the integrity, credibility, values and reliability of both trusting people. As the trust develops, it grows and becomes known for its mutually rewarding benefits. That is to say, both parties in the relationship learn from each other and grow each other to levels not realized before they were in the trusting relationship. Trust exchanged in good relationships expands exponentially with each contributor’s talents developing and expanding for the benefit of the relationship. Trust enables and empowers great relationships.

“To Give No Trust Is To Get No Trust’

So, Why give Trust Today? Recently, I was asked that question by a person who was expecting a long drawn out explanation and possibly an opportunity to rebut anything I said. It’s a question I’ve heard before. In fact, I had the pleasure of working on the question of trust in a symposium some years ago. The opinions were symbiotic but a final outcome was agreed upon. The synopsis is, ‘Trust must first be given with the knowledge and faith for the risks and rewards of what trust will enable and empower trusting people to accomplish in trusting relationships.’ There’s a lot of Trust in that statement. However, you can’t be so guarded and paranoid, that you are not open to Trusting another person. You may never know what you don’t know until you open yourself to the trust of another person. Great enduring Relationships are first built on the strong foundation of Trust. My experiences prove the principle that ‘when I know people, I will choose to trust them because people want to be trusted.’ By extending trust first and fully, I open myself and allow the other person to be trusting in return. What goes around comes around. New and great things will happen for you when you learn, Who, How and Why to extend TRUST.


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