Illustration-Main-One-567X344The name Team 2 LEarn is based on our teamwork philosophy working with people to find their authentic self as in “Know Thyself” and then know how to contribute their gifts, talents, skills for the mutual benefit of all team members in Mutual Trust. Our practices have the capacity to generate exponential return on investment for people working on teams. Unlearning and new learning are part of a consistent and constant development effort of people working on teams. You never arrive because you are involved in life long learning and life long collaboration with the many networks you involve yourself in. Networks are teams when understood and your membership is active involvement. People on a team Learn. People on a team Earn. The dividends are mutually enhancing for all members. Information is increased, as well as how to find sources and resources that continue to expand the member information base. Knowledge acquired in team collaboration raises our awareness of possibilities one thinks of as impossible when they are alone. However, team members thinking and learning together expands individual power by the dynamic of two or more members are working together. Sharing, synchronicity, and synergy come into play and new knowledge is acquired for mutual benefit. All this continues to spiral upward in a spirit of collaboration, harmony, in a mutually trusting environment. Passion for work increases and the maxim “find work you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” benefits all the team members. They understand, know, experience, and spiral up to greater achievements, doing More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better.