Mission Statement Marries Business With Customers

In this March 27, 2013 article, Coach Joe Sasso of Team 2 LEarn offers a strategic planning template/guideline for building a Mission Statement that develops, elevates and calls for action and better Team performance. The action urges business owners to use Mission as a call for a complete action. The focus is  to use Mission as a compelling action for success during every customer interaction. A sense of Mission  powers up team members and compels them to interactive exchanges with customers for mutual benefits.Chances are, if you are like most entrepreneurs, early on, you had a dream about being in business for yourself.

You developed a business plan for that dream with a vision for the successes you knew you could achieve selling to the buying public. Congratulations! Today you probably have customers who regularly buy from you. If you have a company team of people working with you, they may know your vision. But are you and your team on a mission every time you interact with a potential prospect or buying customer? Many business owners say yes to the vision question but no to the idea that their team members are on a mission every time they interact with potential customers.

Let’s open our minds to the fact that a Mission Statement is a call for actions between the business team and potential customers.

“Sending out or being sent out with authority to perform a special service…”
Let’s dwell on this first definition from the dictionary. There’s a lot of words in the definition that cause us to search for a better understanding. You and your team are extending yourselves to potential business opportunities. That’s your business vision. Next, you have the authority to meet with potential customers, to assist them in making a buying decision based on your offerings. ‘With authority’ means you and your team act to close the sale with authority, on purpose. The ‘special service’ is the foundational strength upon which you continuously build your business. These are the values that are unique to your business. Your team takes pride in delivering your niche,’ your value added justification that you believe no other business can offer. Your ‘special service’ when presented properly and understood by the customer should make it impossible for them to think of shopping anywhere else. YOU and YOUR TEAM’s actions are ultimately are what the customer buys!

Mission is often referred to in war movies as the ultimate action being taken for success. Are you and your team on a mission with every prospect or customer? Do you have a success powered affirmation that pushes you to do your best with each prospect or repeat customer? Does your Mission Statement develop and pull your business potential out of every business interaction? Is your Mission Statement built on the strengths of mutual success for your customer and your business?
If you do not have a Mission Statement, chances are probable that every prospect or customer interaction is based on chance. A chance that the buyer has a perception of your authority to sell like any other business they interact with. A chance there might be some possible benefits if they buy from you. A chance they will get what they really want if they buy from your business. Also, there’s a chance they will leave you and buy from some other business. Maybe, because of price or because the other company proudly displays their Mission Statement.
A simple thought starter from the Cosmetics Industry is ‘We help customers buy hope!’
A local area business network, ‘We Connect local businesses with local opportunities to sell to local customers.”
An early Cellular Industry mission was , ‘providing immediate communications to people on the move.’
Now, How about your business? Got an idea about your Mission Statement that is an affirmation for action for you and your company team???

Exercise… Our Mission is ………………….. or, We provide…(the ultimate completion of successful actions) with our unique offerings ……………………………………….(value services) that deliver better improvements …………………………. (for customers) in their business.’

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