The 20th Century was a most challenging time in the history of mankind. In the business community we were consumed with Industrial Age thinking. Fine tuning products, services and people was the order of the business day. Yes, we managed and worked hard at fine tuning products and services by fine tuning people. Managers were sought after for their skill for making people more efficient. Through improvements in efficiencies business people were able to improve the bottom line of business. People became known as a company’s most valuable resource. People were an Industrial Age commodity.

In the 21st Century we are a honeycomb of information exchanges between people in professional and personal relationships. Welcome to the Information Age or the Age of Consciousness! Information awareness proliferates and moves faster then we can verify it. In the 20th Century, we thought with Industrial Age actions based on the manager’s experience . We fine tuned the human machine and people were regarded as changeable, tunable and driven to conform to the manager’s direction. It wasn’t wrong it was just the system we learned in, from the authority of the times.

In the 21st Century we are entering the honeycomb of Information exchange that seeks the best of the human genius within each of us. It is our gifts/talents exchanged, appreciated and valued between people that will assist us to new growth needed in our evolving world.

WE are all being challenged to be a Consciously Aware contributor to the progress that can be ours in this new century. WE must strive to be consciously aware contributors for the good of all. Each of us will be sought after for the human genius within. As we are discovered for the authenticity of our gifts, we will become leaders with our gifts for the evolving good of personal and work communities we are involved in. The more we operate with a consciousness of our ability to contribute our gifts, the more we will find untold opportunities opening up in both our personal and professional life.

Know yourself. Knowledge will expand your capabilities. Know your gifts. Become a contributing Leader in the 21st Century.

Coach Joe Sasso, Author, Sales Team Leadership: Pure and Simple

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