TRUST, Who, How and Why give it today?

Wikipedia starts by stating, ‘In a social context, trust has several connotations.’Wikipedia is the best example of our ability to question the truth because descriptions and information in some instances can be all too easily altered. Correct or not correct, Information can also be easily misinterpreted because the author can be anyone correctly knowledgeable and well intentioned or someone not knowledgeable and not well intentioned.  So, If Trust has several connotations according to Wikipedia, to whom, how and why should you TRUST?

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The 20th Century was a most challenging time in the history of mankind. In the business community we were consumed with Industrial Age thinking. Fine tuning products, services and people was the order of the business day. Yes, we managed and worked hard at fine tuning products and services by fine tuning people. Managers were sought after for their skill for making people more efficient. Through improvements in efficiencies business people were able to improve the bottom line of business. People became known as a company’s most valuable resource. People were an Industrial Age commodity.

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Team 2 LEarn means…

The name Team 2 LEarn is based on our teamwork philosophy working with people to find their authentic self as in “Know Thyself” and then Read more

CONDITIONING: If reward is entitlement! –What’s risk?

People have been more conditioned from infancy to understand rewards. Today’s unemployment figures and the uncertainty of business revival and survival raise panic and fearful questions about how people are being conditioned to understand risk more than ever before. Business too is also being conditioned to expand risks taking.

Business conditioning: people are our greatest asset and our greatest risk is ROI on salary investment

1.)    Why should any business owner risk their money, their time and their investment in people for what appears to be a marginal business return today?

2.)    Will current employees leave once the economy picks up?

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More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better: Chapter 1

 We’d like to thank you for visiting Team 2 LEarn by giving you chapter one of our original book, “More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better, it is our hope that you will provide us with    suggestions for improvements, feedback, etc. on what you’ve read. In this way, we would like to make this a book about teams and leadership with many contributors. Once you  submit your review to we will respond to your suggestions even asking to incorporate them if you agree. At that time, we would recognize your contribution by  making you a contributing author.  This original book was written to illustrate the principles that make team-building and leadership such a financial and social success at the  businesses of our clients. In the meantime, read our latest book, Sales Team Leadership: Pure and Simple to understand how we are advancing our Team and Leadership principles  with companies in the 21st Century. Thank You for participating.

Maximizing Your Team Successes: More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better™

 Jack Marshall, Operations Vice President of Distributor Sales for G Y Bradley Associates sat in his office overwhelmed by the challenge ahead. He was the new leader in a corner  office with barely one working quarter under his belt. Yet, here he was volunteering to take on an additional assignment. He hadn’t settled in yet! He was putting in more hours then he  promised his family.

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