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Team Leadership

Team Quote of our century:        

“We don’t hire people and tell them what to do,
We hire people and ask them what we should do!”
                                            – Steve Jobs

Under-utilized, helter-skelter, talented people are painfully the greatest business cost and loss. 


CONDITIONING: If reward is entitlement! –What’s risk?

People have been more conditioned from infancy to understand rewards. Today’s unemployment figures and the uncertainty of business revival and survival raise panic and fearful questions about how people are being conditioned to understand risk more than ever before. Business too is also being conditioned to expand risks taking. Business conditioning: people are our greatest […]


More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better: Chapter 1

 We’d like to thank you for visiting Team 2 LEarn by giving you chapter one of our original book, “More For Less, Faster, Easier, Better, it is our hope that you will provide us with    suggestions for improvements, feedback, etc. on what you’ve read. In this way, we would like to make this a […]