Coach Joe & John C. Maxwell Certification Class

Joe Sasso & John Maxwell

Joe’s first career was with Motorola, a Fortune 50 company. He worked successfully in Sales, Service, Management and Leadership positions. While at Motorola, Joe was elected into the prestigious “Galvin Masters.” An exclusive club for his outstanding performances in Sales Leadership.

In 1984 he began his career in Business Consulting. In this capacity, Joe was the Leader of a global business consulting, training & development team. The team worked throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia consulting with owners and managers of companies involved in the distribution of telecommunications products.

While consulting with the owners of these businesses, the team evaluated, developed and trained in excess of 250,000 people. The team continued to recognize a variety of business needs which led to the development of 37 training programs for business. This was in addition to the business consulting work they were doing with the owners and senior executives of many of those same businesses.

Out of necessity and in conjunction with “Motorola University,” the team established itself as “Beeper U.” Training successes led to the team facilitating Train-the-Trainer certification classes for the delivery of those same programs to new and existing distributor businesses. Ultimately the people receiving the benefits of these training programs were in excess of hundreds of thousands.

Work is Love made visible Kahlil Gibran

In 1997 Joe started Team 2 LEarn, Inc. Working within his passion, he continued consulting with business owners to bring out the best in their people. The process nurtures personal relationships that advance the ‘Authentic Leadership’ of the individual. In the advance stages, it awakens and expands possibilities for the individual to have greater leadership involvement. This leads to higher performances and achievements for all the people they serve with their good works.

Joe is a Certified Coach, Mentor, Course Designer, Trainer, Author and Speaker.
The John Maxwell Team, Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker
 by John C. Maxwell

Accelerated Learning Course Designer & Practitioner by Dave Meier

Heart Math Institute Facilitator by Heart Math Institute

EQ Associates, Certified Trainer, Coach and Mentor  by Dr. David Ryback
Emotional Intelligence, Certified Mentor and Coach by Dr. Izzy Justice
Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work, Certified Trainer 
by Dr. David Ryback
Jeff Justice Comedy Class, certified to get you laughing
by Jeff Justice
Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
by Dr. Stephen Covey

Building High Performance Teams
by Ken Blanchard

SPIN Selling
by Neil Rackham
Advanced Sales Call Dimensions
by Huthwaite Corporation
Learning In Style
by Dave Meier, The Center for Accelerated Learning

The Stuff Americans are Made Of
by Disney Institute

Adversity Quotient
by Dr. Paul Stoltz

Spiral Dynamics
by Dr. Don Beck
Instructional Design by Robert Mager
Communications Style Assessment,
by The Forte Institute

Some of Joe’s current and past business networks are:

Advanced Toastmasters, Speakers Roundtable
Institute of Noetic Sciences
World Future Society
World Business Form
The Center for Accelerated Learning
National Speakers Association
Georgia Speakers Association
National Account Management Association
The Forte Institute
American Teilhard Society
Stephen Ministry Leader

“Great Leaders Come From Great Teams”

“Learn More and Earn More”

The most important competency for success in business today is leadership. Recognizing the ‘Human Genius’ within each of us. The most effective way to enhance your Leadership is to learn from someone who has walked your path, and is current with today’s business needs, practices, insights and developments. The 20th Century Management was about the Industrial Age. We focused on management by fine tuning the human machine because it was an asset. In the 21st Century, the Knowledge Age, the Age of Consciousness, Leadership is the focus. Leadership is about the Human Genius within each of us. It is about recognition, appreciation and discovery that each one of us is a valuable resource able to contribute unique talents and gifts. We all possess leadership skills to some degree. It is this leadership attitude that will nurture and grow us all to make this century the best century ever.

In hard times, the soft stuff often goes away. But emotional intelligence, it turns out, isn’t so soft. If emotional obliviousness jeopardizes your ability to perform, fend off aggressors, or be compassionate in a crisis, no amount of attention to the bottom line will protect your career. Emotional Intelligence isn’t a luxury tool you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success.

Harvard Business Review – April 2003

Joe prides himself on his work ethic. He has the ability to assist people in learning, thinking, unlearning and new learning. He has a genuine interest in serving and giving back. Joe is readily accessible, experienced and uniquely-trained. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with a Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Author and Speaker, for an unforgettable Leadership and Business Retreat, please contact Joe at  or simply call 678-618-0998.

Joe is currently writing two books, one about ‘Spiral Up: How Great Teams do More For Less Faster Easier Better” which is due to be published in early 2019. Another from his Spiritual side, called ‘Essence’ is also in process.