There is a big secret that is no secret for how teams achieve better and better results, performing ‘In The Zone!’ 
As a seasoned leader with GY Bradley, Jack Marshall is charged with the development and delivery of a promising new product. Feeling the pressure of a short 4 months, timeline, he enlists the assistance of his longtime colleague and friend, Satyagraha (Satya) Ahimsa and his canine companion Gita.
In this unique and inspiring leadership fable, we’re awakened to a fresh way of a team doing business. With twists and
turns and an unexpected outcome, it takes us on a journey of a team committed to learn and continuously improve.
Initially, Jack reluctantly accepts his leadership role while the guidance system is left to a blind man and his dog. In the end, the entire team is united as co-creators of a new way to learn and do business.
Spiral Up: The Surprising Secret To Great Team Results reinforces the traits of teamwork model and are effective performing ‘In The Zone’ -doing More For Less Faster Easier Better.