Team Leadership

What gets you up in the morning?

“The culture today is not defined by the past or the new. It’s defined by the latest.” -Billy Graham

Your morning wakeup is the alarming question, ‘What more can you do to motivate my employees?’ It’s not money or benefits, you pay them above the industry averages. More and more you are hiring younger people. Millennials and Gen Xers are the future geniuses in your company. According to Havas Group research, 77 percent of Millennials want to work for and buy from companies that are in meaningful relationships with them.  The percentage is even higher with the Gen Z generation. The culture today is asking more about buying good products and services from companies that are interested in them. They want to buy from companies that not only care about them but who rave about them.

The old thought is 60% of new business comes from existing customers, is short-sighted today! Paying them for referrals doesn’t work either. The best referral business will reach out to you! How? Find out what your customers are saying about you on Instagram and Facebook? The best referral business comes from your customers telling others about you. Start looking for and telling stories about your customers. They will return the favor by telling others about you. You get more referrals than you never imagined.

What wakes you up in the morning will be great anticipation. “I can’t wait to tell everyone about our customers and how great they are. Surprise: You will reap more than you imagined.  

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Gita entered the room almost pulling Satya off his feet as she went right to Jack’s side. Gita was such a wonder to have around, saying nothing but having a calming presence that usually caused people to think and listen more intently. There was something unexplainable about Gita that caused everyone’s senses to be more open. We become better listeners because we look at and focus more on what the other person is saying. Our powers of observation cause us to take in more than just the spoken words. –Gita, Mentor

Coach Joe Sasso, Coach, Mentor, Author, Speaker, L&D Accelerated Learning Facilitator, Global Team Leader. #678-618-0998