The Legend of the “G” Stone

The Legend of the “G” Stone

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a family inherited a beautiful valley. Together they built a beautiful home on a hillside. The home was next to a river with a beautiful vista. They were very happy and grateful for their home and life in the valley. However, the original owner of the valley wanted them to make the valley more than just a place where they could be grateful for what they have. They needed to pay back something to the original owner of the valley. After the family talked about it, they decided to offer parts of the land to others if they would help them pay the original owner for the benefits they were receiving for living in the valley. Other families began to move into the valley. They farmed the fertile land in the valley and were able to produce crops. The families then gave a portion of their profits to the family that inherited the valley. The family was able to pay the original owner of the valley and everyone began to live a good life. The families all lived in common unity they called CommUnity.

The family that inherited the valley talked about giving something to the Community of Families to express their gratefulness. They decided to give them all shirts with a “G” for Gratitude over the heart of the shirt. The Community of Families loved the “G” Shirts and wore them proudly as a reminder of their good fortune.

The Community of Families were grateful but did not know how to thank the family who inherited the valley. Their “G” shirts were a constant reminder of the good things happening in their lives each day. How could they thank the family who inherited the valley became a question on the minds of the CommUnity.

A short time later, torrential rains descended on the mountains. The river began to overflow its banks and erode the land around the home of the family on the hillside. The CommUnity came to the rescue to stop the erosion of the land around the home of the family who inherited the valley. They worked together and brought stones from everywhere in the valley and piled them around the hillside of the home to stop the erosion. After the rains stopped, the family who inherited the valley discovered that the stones that saved their home were a wonderful reminder of the gratitude of the Community of Families that lived with them in the valley. They painted a huge “G” on every stone. The CommUnity could also look up the hill and see the stones as a constant reminder every morning, throughout the day and every evening of their Gratitude for all they were receiving each day.

Gratitude creates Attitude -Attitude creates Environment -Environment creates Outcome(s)

Everyone created their own “G” stone to be more aware of their Gratitude. At the start of each new day, throughout the day and at the end of each day. The CommUnity was energized with “G”ratitude.


The Gratitude of their CommUnity created an Attitude that caused the whole valley to prosper.Story -The Legend of the G Stone, by JS 10.28.2015