A Coach observes and trains people to improve their performance. A Mentor is an experienced person who advises and guides a younger person while they are gaining experience. Both seem to have the same characteristics. The coach and mentor fits easily into the sporting arena period end of discussion. However, which one would you choose in a business environment?
Our tennis team wanted to improve so we hired a Coach. The coach offered lessons and participated in our practice sessions. Read more


Buyers Want More Successes –Sell Success and Reap Faster Rewards

If you are only investigating and selling to needs, here’s a caveat along with a strategy and tactic for new success. Most salespeople spend too much time investigating the needs of a potential customer, their NEEDS? Like don’t you think they know their needs…YIKES! They should spend more time learning Read more


Attitude Creates Environment -Environment Generates Outcomes

So you know, I heard this first from John Maxwell as “Attitude Defines Environment, Environment Defines Outcomes.” I modified it because Creates and Generates have greater impact on this excellent life principle.

An exercise we used in sales training classes was to put up the words Attitude and Skill and then ask the participants to call out words that are qualities of a good salesperson. The results were always the same. Most words fell on the side of Attitude. Henry Ford said, Success is 85% Attitude and 15% Skill. Another life principle might be that Attitude will get you further ahead in life then Skill all by itself. Read more


TRUST, Who, How and Why give it today?

Wikipedia starts by stating, ‘In a social context, trust has several connotations.’Wikipedia is the best example of our ability to question the truth because descriptions and information in some instances can be all too easily altered. Correct or not correct, Information can also be easily misinterpreted because the author can be anyone correctly knowledgeable and well intentioned or someone not knowledgeable and not well intentioned.  So, If Trust has several connotations according to Wikipedia, to whom, how and why should you TRUST?

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