Team Quote of our century:        

“We don’t hire people and tell them what to do,
We hire people and ask them what we should do!”

Steve Jobs

A $50,000 salaried employee adds benefit costs of $62,500 to $70,000 (1.25 to 1.40 times base salary).
Source: Practical Advice for Entrepreneurs by Joe Hadzima, Sr Lecturer MIT Sloan School of Business

Under-utilized, helter-skelter, talented people are painfully the greatest business cost and loss.  Advanced Leadership Teams Spiral builds up on a process of accelerated, deep learning principles focused on the inner and outer timely intentions of employees to improve the company and their bottom line.

Simple yet Complex – Poor teams work in the lower spiral with uncontrolled chaos! Lacking focus and understanding, they add incalculable costs of time loss and production costs overruns!

Advanced teams power up their passion for serving their customers better and better. They power up with knowledge and understanding of why customers buy from them. They value time and cost savings along with the quality of their products which powers up better and better team performance. The company team knows and values the mutual relationships within the company and with customers that continuously serves and grows both businesses to higher levels of profitability.

Advanced Teams experience new levels of performance doing More For Less, Faster, Easier and Better.

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